October 17, 2023


Middletown Lions Welcome Thomas Healy

Tuesday evening, October 17, 2023, the Middletown Lions Club held its monthly dinner meeting at the Athenian Diner in Middletown.

This was an important meeting because a new member would be inducted.

After all old business was completed, it was time to induct Thomas Healy as a Middletown Lion.

Middletown's Zone 7 Chairperson, Janis Esty was unable to attend so Zone 8 Chairperson, Howard Geltman who was also an Associate Member was asked to perform the induction ceremony by club President, Marty Knight.

We had an almost full house with two members Membership Chairperson and Immediate Past President, Ellie Paules and lion Rich Pelletier attended via Zoom.

Zone Chairperson, Howard asked Thomas Healy and his sponsor, Marty Knight to come forward and the formal induction ceremony was started.

The photo to the left is of club President, Marty Knight, Sponsor (left) standing next to his new member Thomas Healy, and ZC Howard standing in front of the club banner conducting the nduction ceremony.

The photo to the right is of (from right to left) new Middletown Lion Thomas Healy and his proud sponsor, Marty Knight holding their certificates of membership and sponsorship, respectively.


This was a fun evening. Everyone as so very excited to see Tom become a Middletown Lion. Welcome to the Middletown Lions Club, Tom Healy!


August 15, 2023


Middletown Lions Welcome Dr. Kristy Mascarenhas

On Tuesday evening, August 15, 2023, the Middletown Lions Club held a special and wonderful meeting at 1325 Randolph Road in (Monarca Place) in Middletown (where Middletown Lions Immediate Past President, Ellie Paules resides).

Normally Middletown does not hold meetings in the summer months ,but this was a special meeting to induct a new member.

Dr. Kristy Mascarenhas would be inducted as the newest member of the Middletown Lions Club. Middletown’s new Zone Chairperson, Janis Esty and former Zone Chairperson, Howard Geltman would have the honor to both share the honor of inducting her

A great turnout of almost all of the Middletown Lions Club members were present for this special occasion.

Prior to the Induction Ceremony everyone shared in some pizza, beverages and dessert before the ceremony began.

Club President, Marty Knight brought this special meeting to order and then turned it over to both Zone Chairpersons to conduct the Induction Ceremony welcoming lion Kristy into the Middletown Lions Club.

The photo to the left is of Zone Chairpersons, Howard Geltman and Janis Esty inducting Kristy Mascarenhas as her proud sponsor, Tammy Hecksall stood by her side.

The photo to the right is of proud sponsor, Tammy Heckstall pinning Kristy’s new lions pin on her.

The photo to the right is of Tammy Heckstall proudly holding her Sponsor’s Certificate and Kristy Mascarenhas proudly holding her Membership Certificate.

The photo to the right is of (from left to right) Middletown's former Zone Chairperson, Howard Geltman, Tammy Heckstall, Kristy Mascarenhas, and Zone Chairperson, Janis Esty.

The photo to the left is of Middletown lion Kristy being applauded by her new fellow lions and telling everyone a bit about herself.


We were all so excited to hear Kristy talk about herself for a few moments and were so very excited to have her join the Middletown Lions Club. Welcome aboard, Kristy!


the image above is of the Lions Recycle for Sight color logo

Recycle Unwanted Eyeglasses

The Middletown Lions Club maintains a number of eyeglasses collection containers where you can donate unwanted used eyeglasses to be recycled. They are:


Connecticut Eye Physicians, PC
Dr. Thomas Beggins, MD
535 Saybrook Road
Middletown, CT 06457

Middlesex Eye Physicians
Dr. Kristy Mascarenhas , MD
400 Saybrook Road
Middletown, CT 06457

Palmer Eyecare Center, LLC
Dr. Jeffrey M. Palmer, OD
240 Middletown Avenue
Chatham Corner Building
East Hampton, CT 06424
(860)346-2020 or 860-267-2222

Tax Collectors Office
Municipal Building (City Hall)
245 Dekoven Drive
Middletown, CT 06457

Heritage Commons Retirement Community
38 Boston Road
Middletown, CT 06457

Senior Center
61 Durant Terrace
Middletown, CT 06457

We thank you for your kind donations.


Meeting Info

Athenian Diner Restaurant
864 Washington St. ((RT. 66)
Middletown, CT 06457

3rd Tuesday of month.
Meeting starts at 6:30pm.
Arrive by 6:20pm to place
meal orders.


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